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The 8th Generation

Irwin Simpson Gunn, b. 1888 Dustin Lake, Michigan; d. 1968 Three Rivers, Michigan Blanche Estelle Bowen, b. 1886 Dayton, Tennessee; d. 1955 Plainwell, Michigan

Children: Viola Robena Gunn, b. 1910 Kalamazoo, Michigan; d. 2004 Kalamazoo, Michigan Alford Bowen Gunn, b. 1914 Mattawan, Michigan; d. 1998 Belmond, Iowa Glenora Idale Gunn, b. 1916 Kalamazoo, Michigan; d. Grand Rapids, Michigan Erlene Virginia Gunn, b. 1919 Kalamazoo, Michigan Irwin Dayton Gunn, b. 1920 Kalamazoo, Michigan

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The Alfords

Some time ago, in consultation with others looking into this lineage, Benedict Alford (b. 1756 Windsor, CT-d. 1838 Troy, Geauga, OH) and Hulda Hickock (b. 1757, Norwalk, CT – d. 1839 Troy, Geauga, OH)

The 7th Generation

Christopher Conrad Gunn: Civil War and the Move to Michigan Christopher Gunn b. 1 Feb 1848 Wayne, Ohio; d. 2 Aug 1922 Watervliet, Michigan Helen Alford b. 7 Jun 1847 Alamo, Michigan; d. 15 Dec 1924, K

The 6th Generation

Westrall Willoughby Gunn Westral Willoughby Gunn b. 25 Feb 1808 Herkimer, New York; d. 1876 LaPorte, Indiana Elizabeth "Betsey" Sharp b. 1812 Rensselaer, New York; d. 1884 Vermontville, Michigan Chil


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